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Transitional Emotions

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

One of the hardest things as it pertains to transitions is processing the emotions that come with it. It can range from sadness, to anger, to hate, to resentment, to confusion and many more. When confronted by emotions surrounding transitions in an unprepared manner, it can be the leading reason why many no longer desire their expected promise. The thing they were once excited about when presented to them in dreams, visions, and even prophecies seems to bring great disturbance even at the very thought of it. Tormenting thoughts begin to plague the human mind and human nature begins to ask if what they once desired is worth all the emotional war. When the emotions surrounding transitions are left alone and not accompanied by aggressive analysis and encouragement it can cause death to something that was meant to be for your own good.

Through great study and research some things that greatly add to the extensive emotional navigation are the expectations of men and self proclaimed timelines fighting your journey at your divine pace. Many people not only go through these emotions because of their own expectations, but also because of the expectations from others and the standards that lie in their subconscious from family, culture, and traditions they have yet to release. So these emotions begin to conjure up in the minds of those that didn’t expect their transitions to a new place to look the way it does or at the pace it is moving. Some of the hardest transitions are the ones where you have to leave a certain people and/or place in order to go into a new advancement in your life. These types of transitions almost feel like you're grieving a death because what you once hold valuable to you no longer can have that position in your life.

Furthermore, though there are many attributes surrounding transitions, the root reason why transitions can bring forth many negative emotions is due to the fear that tries to attack the heart when change is welcomed. Fear has a way of making transitions uncomfortable. Fear makes one incapable of relinquishing control of their process and putting it in God’s hands. When we fail to give God our fears, we move further away from him and journey our transitions alone. We no longer see God as a helper, but see him as just simply the God that once gave us the vision. Nothing more and nothing less. When God is transitioning a person into a new career, relationship status, way of living, etc., he never meant for them to ever do it without him. He knew that the emotions would come, he knew that not everything would completely make sense to us. That’s why he doesn’t negate our emotions, he asks us to come near with them. The last thing the Lord wants is for his children to stop in the middle of the transition and not walk into their destined land. David said something so sweet, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” He never invalidated his emotion. He was afraid, he was honest, he was at a place of fear. However, he knew who to run to. He knew that the Lord that oversaw his life would be willing to take on every emotion his struggles would bring. So he encouraged himself with that knowledge while speaking to the Lord.

Emotions are meant to be felt, analyzed, processed, and in our case, reliniquised. Relinquished into the hands of the one that gave us the vision in the first place. The one that isn’t overwhelmed by our journey as much as we are. The moment we do such a thing, that is the very moment we experience the true and living God. So if you're reading this blog post, stay encouraged. The emotions that you are feeling during your transition are very normal, in fact, God expected you to feel them. However, remember our steps: feel, analyze, process, & relinquish.

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With Love,

Itoro Daniel

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